Next Meeting: Jun 13Th, 2024
Next Location: Mizu Asian Bistro & Bar, Patio
Over 350,400 donated locally



100 Men Who Give A Damn! - Cayman Islands is a group of men who want to give back to their community but have limited time. We are not a charity, we're a fundraising non-organization, that facilitates the giving process.

100+ men are asked to give $100 directly to one of three nominated charities, four times per year. Each quarter members attend a one-hour meeting at which three charities present their causes for 5 minutes each. At the end of the brief presentations, members vote to determine by majority which charity will be the recipient of the $10,000+.

We're are a non-organization. We are not registered; we have no directors, officers or treasurer; we have no bank account because we don't collect, spend or donate anything - it’s our members who make the donations. The group and its events are run on a budget of zero by a core team of big-hearted volunteers and with the assistance of some very generous sponsors, who coincidentally also give a damn.

our roots

A simple concept. A big impact
  • Founded in Halifax, CanadaThe 100 Men non-organization was founded in Halifax, Canada. The first meeting was held in February 2014, by the original group of men who gave a damn.
  • Call to actionThe founding chapter has grown to over 350 members, and more than 25 new 100 Men chapters have begun to give a damn throughout North America, and now the Caribbean.
  • Now its your turn to give a damnIf you are a guy who cares about your community, wants to be part of a powerful group of men that is committed to make a BIG impact and want to mix and mingle with the community leaders of today and tomorrow, then we encourage you to give a damn with us.

Come give a damn!

Do the most amount of good, in the least amount of time
  • 1goal
    Surgically inject $10k+ into the work of a local charity through funds, exposure and awareness
  • 2plan
    Gather 100+ men in a room and have three local charities pitch for 5 minutes each. Count everyone’s anonymous vote and have each member write their $100 cheque to the charity with the most votes
  • 3execute
    Simple. Fast. Efficient. Because we're just men: men who give a damn