Next Meeting: Jun 13Th, 2024
Next Location: Mizu Asian Bistro & Bar, Patio
Over 350,400 donated locally

I’m a new member: what should I expect at a meeting?

Expect to be greeted by a volunteer and asked to sign-in at the registration desk. There will be a cash bar and time for mingling with fellow members.
At some stage, we may ask you if you would like to have your photo taken for our Gallery, and/or a short video of why you became a member. This is totally voluntary.
6:00 Registration, networking and bar opens
6:45 We move to the meeting room
7:00 Meeting begins
- Opening remarks
- How voting will take place
- Announce the three Charity finalists
- Each charity presents – 5 minutes each, no PowerPoint or collateral materials
- Voting and tabulation – each member circles 1,2 or 3 on their ballot
- Update presentation from the previous recipient
- Announce the recipient charity (by simple majority)
- Members write their cheques to the recipient charity
- Cheques are collected and presented to the charity
- Announce the next meeting & venue
8:00 Post-event reception, cash bar

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